My Story

The Heart Of Healing:
How it all began:

For many years I lived a very happy life and held an extremely successful career. Life was great until things took a turn for the worse and I got sick and it sent me on a downward spiral that I thought would never end.

During those dark years, I lost count of the number of doctors and medical professionals I saw for help. The general consensus from all of them was to lose hope and accept my condition. They prescribed dozens of medicines, of which none worked, and, I soon began having serious side effects from the medications that caused additional health concerns.

Numerous surgeries and more pills followed. Eventually, my health got so bad I ended up in a wheelchair, and any hope that I had, started to fade because I was beginning to believe I would never get better, or walk again. I was in so much pain every day that my prayers became pleas for freed from this world so that I may finally rest in peace.

However, one night, desperation came over me. I spoke to GOD from the depth of my soul and cried out for him to “Help me” and “Show me” how to help myself. Believe it or not, the answer came in my dreams. I dreamt and remembered how, during my youth, my grandmother and mother used to mix oils and herbs and use them anytime they, or we, were ill. I had been taught for several decades how to use oils and completely overlooked it! That very next day I began my official education into the world of Essential oils spending hundreds of hours in formal study and training.

As my research continued, I found my husband and sons eagerly encouraging me as this new passion propelled me into taking my health into my own hands. I worked diligently preparing numerous blends, and used them day and night without ceasing. I also began realizing the physical benefits of therapeutic massage and chiropractic care and incorporated them into my weekly routine.

Today, I stand here. YES, I STAND here! I’m walking on my own and doing more than I had been able to do in years. I’m leading the life I knew still existed for me, praising GOD for the natural healing elements He’s provided, and thanking my mother and grandmother for teaching me the way many decades ago.

I can’t say that all results will be the same for everyone but, with the rising costs of healthcare and prescription medications it is more important than ever to be proactive about taking care of your own body. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that medical care and screenings are important but, self-determination is key; and sometimes you have to go beyond the norm to succeed.

I, myself, am living proof of this and the help and encouragement of many helped me succeed!

Your health and well-being are important to you…and to me! It is my desire to positively impact your life, enable you to fight back, experience well-being again, and regain the life you thought you’d lost. It is my prayer that this desire will be met through sharing the beneficial essential oil blends that I’ve developed as a result of what I and numerous others have lived through and learned.

Every essential oil product I offer will always be created with the highest quality ingredients and fashioned to help the “whole of the person” – YOU!

I pray that these essential oils will empower you to live a full and enriched life and create within you maximum health!